General Specifications

Jondec is a specialist in Powder coaating, Chemical stripping and Wet coating. Refurbisment is afar cheaper alternative to purchasing new equipment.


Pre-Treatment process refers to the treatment of metal surface, prior to applying the final finish, to retard corrosion of the base metafinishl.

Aluminium Alloy Casting

Aluminium casting are treated with a 5 stage chromate conversion, as recommenended by the chemical manufacturer.

Mild Steel

Mild steel will be treated in accordance with SABS 064 code of practice for the preparation of steel surface for coating. We can offer a 7 stages IRON or ZINC Phosphate opsion for our customers.

Stainless Steel

We do a Abrasive blast to stainless steel before coating.

Powder Coating

Surface Appearance

The surface will not show any pinholes, craters, fish eyes, loss of gloss, orange peel, powder contamination or blisters.

Colour, Texture and Gloss

The finish will be inspected once per shift using the master samples supplied.


Will be checked with a minimum of 3 determinations a maximum of 5 determinations using calibrated equipment.

Chemical Stripping

Chemical stripping can be done to 0.6mm steel plates without any damage to the steel, sand blasting 0.6mm steel however damages the thin steel.